As specialists in ventilation and dust-removal for mines, tunnels and underground works, ECE S.A. Cogemacoustic® Ventilation Department puts its experience at your service for the design and analysis of your requirements in the following fields:

  • ¨mining ventilation

  • ¨road tunnels ventilation
  • ¨subways
  • ¨hydropower stations
  • ¨underground storage
  • ¨railway tunnels
  • ¨immersed tunnels
  • ¨tunnel refurbishment
From the carrying out of the ventilation studies to the supply of the fans, silencers, dust removers and electrical cabinets, one assurance: reliability, one determination: the safety of the miners.

Cogemacoustic® offers a very broad range of helicoïd fans thanks to a skilful combination on the diameter of the hub, the length and number of the blades of the impeller.
Diameters from 630 mm to 2500 mm, an average of 8 possibilities per diameter is available to us to offer you the fan which is best suited to your needs, with optimum efficiency over a range of flow from 3 to 250m³ / sec.
Depending on the pressure power required, we are in a position to produce a single fan or a battery of 2 or 3 machines set up in series