Compact LHDs

We Like to be Challenged!

GHH supplies LHDs with payloads ranging from 3 to 20 tons. We feature:

  • "Plain technology" vehicles which are optimized for aggressive and basic conditions, and are easy to service and maintain. These have maximized durability, minimized electronics and high spare part availability globally.
  • "High tech" vehicles which are maximized for efficiency and optimized for the highest performance standards. They are focused on ergonomics, minimum lifecycle cost and the lowest emissions.

The backbone of our "high-tech" product line is the Efficient Drive System (EDS). This hydrostatic driveline is unique for underground use and features the following advantages:

  • Fully flexible power distribution: Higher breakout force, increased tramming speeds.
  • Computerized drivetrain control: improved traction, implementation of highest safety and ergonomic standards, optimized efficiencies, less tire wear, no break wear.
  • No torque converter: lower oil temperatures, up to 20% less fuel consumption, reduced emissions.

Furthermore we can offer the following options on all of our LHDs:

  • Buckets: different sizes and shapes including ejector, side tipping or bottom discharge buckets, wear protection.
  • Cabin: open or closed, heated and/or air conditioned, video systems, mp3 player.
  • Steering and controls: lever, wheel or joystick steering, remote controlled, automated.
  • Exhaust treatment: catalyst, exhaust gas cleaning, soot particle filter.
  • Other: (automated) fire extinguishers, central lubrication, aggressive water protection.
  • Further customization upon request.