Dump Trucks

Optimize Cycle Times, Minimize Down Times

GHH Fahrzeuge's range of dumpers include payload capacities from 15 to 55 tons. The articulated steering in combination with the swivel joint/king pin achieves excellent four wheel traction under extreme operating conditions. Furthermore GHH dump trucks include the following advantages:

  • Excellent stability through constant ground contact of all wheels
  • Maximum frame life due to robust design
  • Low profile design and outstanding visual conditions plus minimized turning radiuses
  • Bi-directional driver seat and cabin. No turning necessary
  • Simple maintenance and easy access

Options available:

  • Boxes: different sizes and shapes including telescopic discharge, wear protection
  • EDS drive: please refer to compact dumper section
  • Cabin: open or closed, heated and/or air conditioned, video systems, mp3 player
  • Steering and controls: lever, wheel or joystick steering
  • Exhaust treatment: catalyst, exhaust gas cleaning, soot particle filter
  • Other: (automated) fire extinguishers, central lubrication, aggressive water protection
  • Further customization upon request

Application example, GHH dumpers vs conventional dump trucks:

  • Higher tramming speeds underground
  • No turn around times
  • No/Reduced waiting times through multiple vehicle passing
  • Reduced down times due to robust design