Ideal mechanism for the user high efficiency power drifter.

Not only it performs fast and safe, but also it increases the durability of parts by adapted Hydraulic damper. It drills especially excellent on hard-rock condition.

Powerful Hydraulic Drifter
Optimum design of the drifter provides high penetration rates in conjunction with maximum drilling economy.

1. Air/Water Combined Flushing Head
Dual safety seal enables under 14 bar of water flushing.
  3. Thin and Long Shaped Piston
This design delivers more efficient power to the drill steel which increases productivity since more power reaches the rock.
  5. Front/Rear Bushing and Seal Retainer
The front and rear bushings along with the seal retainer extends the wear life of the piston by protecting it within the cylinder. This ultimately reduces the expense of rebuilding the hammer.
2. Hydraulic Damper
This dampening feature protects the drifter, guide shell and boom from damage by absorbing the return shocks and energy that is created by the impact of percussion.
  4. Percussion Adjuster
This adjustment feature increases drilling efficiency and reduces hose vibration by allowing the drifter to balance the "Beat Per Minute" [BPM] with the geological properties of the rock.
  6. High Capacity of Accumulator
The design of the accumulators optimize the flow of oil while maximizing capacity. This generates a smooth percussion system of operation and extends the life of the diaphragm.