Other Features

Highly Efficient Water Cooled Engine / Spacious Engine Compartment
The selected CUMMINS engines are water cooled and turbo charged work below their design outputs with easy access for any required maintenance.
  Comfortable Operating Cab
The air below type seat and positional adjustment allows for individual operators comfort. Heat and air conditioning is standard and provide a comfortable working environment.
  Sliding Type Dust Hood
Allows the operator visibility to properly start and see the collar of the borehole while it contains the drill cuttings.
Centralized Electric Control Panel
Allows for easy electrical checks and maintenance to be performed.
  Powerful Dust Collector
Dust collector with 4 filters allows to drill very strongly without dust. It prevents the clogging with filters with air flushing equipment on each filter.
Independent track oscillation provides safe, smooth and efficient mobility in rough terrain.
Air Pre-Cleaner for Engine & Compressor
Provides increased protection and improves efficiency of both the engine and compressor.
  Variable Storage
Spacious storage for oil, grease, tool box and filter, etc.