For connecting, JP Jensen Ventilation offers four options:

1. Traditionally with a galvanized coupling clamp outside and one steel ring welded in the end of the ducting.
2. A special made Zip-joint; very strong and durable.
3. Strong and easy-handled velcro coupling.
4. Our unique JP-Superjoint.

JP-Superjoint – a patented coupling, to ensure straighter airflow and airtight systems.
The speed of the air changes if the cross-section area of the ventilation canal changes, as the case is with traditional steel couplings, zip and Velcro© couplings. It is also certified that the same connections for ductings have a leakage of different grades. Changes in speed will result in an alteration of the dynamic pressure, to the disadvantage for efficient ventilation with loss of energy as a consequence. A straighter and tighter tube in the coupling area will lead to better results at the end of the ventilation canal and reduced costs for high kW performance of the fan and reduced operative expenses on account of energy-saving.

JP-Superjoint is a patented solution for creating a straight airflow in a flexible ducting. It is a unique solution that is designed to eliminate the two most common energy thieves in underground ventilation system, airflow (turbulence) and leakage in the joints. Depending on the size of ventilation system, JP-Superjoint gives savings in the range of 10-20% of the overall energy cost.