Air Compressor   Mast   Rotary Head
Single stage/two stage oil flooded rotary screw compressor of capacity 600 cfn ti 1100 cfm and pressure ratings upto 350 psi available for rotary/DTH Drilling   Robust, heavy duty, box type, mast raised and lowered by two heavy duty hydraulic cylinders. Angle drilling is optional for drilling holes from 0˚ to 25˚ insteps of 5˚   Axial piston hydraulic motor and rugged, heavy duty gearbox
Cooling System   Prime Mover (Power Unit)   Drill Pipe Handling
Compressor oil cooler, hydraulic oil cooler and radiator are cooled by a common fan driven by a hydraulic motor   Prime Mover driving both screw compressor and hydraulics   Hydraulic operated drill rod carousel capable of storing single/three/six drill rods
Levelling Jacks   Hydraulic System   Feed/Hoist
Three point heavy duty levelling jacks ensures instant leveling on uneven grounds. Jacks are fitted with safety check valve   Hydraulic pumps are mounted on Pump drive gear box and driven by main prime mover. Hydraulic pumps, motors and cylinders are of reputed and proven design   Feed and hoist are achieved through twin hydraulic cylinder and twin heavy duty roller chain combination
    Mounting   Controls
    The entire unit is mounted on heavy duty excavator type triple grouser wider tracks with adequate number of bottom roller and carrier rollers on each side. Wider track width ensures better ground contact and maneuverability   All controls and instruments are grouped conveniently located for one man operation and easy
    Propelling   Dust Control System
    Each track is driven by an independent two speed heavy duty axial piston hydraulic motor with planetary gearbox   An electronic timer controlled Non Visible Emission dust suppression system. The blower is driven by a hydraulic motor