The series of product is high-efficient bucket-type sand washing equipment. It is developed and produced combined with the actual situation of domestic gravel industry. The equipment is used along with a sand maker. It is mainly used in removing impurities (such as dust) from sand products. The equipment has three functions such as cleaning, dehydration and grading. It is applicable to the washing, grading and dehydration of gravels needed by construction sites, gravel plants, concrete dam site of hydropower station, post and electric pole unit, "70" sand for casting, quartz sand for glass factory and pressure sand for backfilling of oil wells. It is suitable for processing operations of fine-grained and coarse-grained materials. It is especially suitable for sand for building and road construction.

Product Features

  • Large handling capacity, low power consumption

  • Few material loss after washing, high washing efficiency

  • Reasonable structure, stable operation

  • Low failure rate, simple maintenance

  • Saving water resources, free of pollution

  • Long service life, long-term free-of-maintenance

  • The machine almost has no wearing parts except for screen