Chemicals and Detergents

Sioux offers flexible options on Specialty Cleaning Chemicals to meet your cleaning needs

Sioux Alkaline Degreaser
The original industrial degreaser & emulsifier. Patented formula produces fast, economical cleaning of oily soils. USDA Authorized A-1.

Sioux Low pH Degreaser
Low pH degreaser with positive emulsion technology. No EDTA to tie up metals. Safe for workers and the environment.

Sioux Steam & Pressure Degreaser
Heavy duty industrial degreaser for use with steam cleaners and pressure washers. Prevents scaling.

Sioux Brushless Truck Wash
Brushless truck vehicle cleaner, no VOCs, cuts road film and rinses film free. USDA Authorized A-1.

Sioux Descaler
All water heating and hot water cleaning equipment is subject to lime scale build-up which can clog nozzles, reduce heating
efficiency and shorten the life of your machine. Sioux Descaler removes scale on systems with existing scale build-up.

Sioux Scale Inhibitor
When compared to the cost of standard water softening equipment, Hydroblend™ provides effective corrosion controls and scale prevention at a fraction of the cost.