Steam Generators

The Sioux Steam-Flo steam generator is a perfect source of low pressure steam for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. This unit can be used in place of a conventional boiler. The generators produce from 345-880 lbs. (157- 400kg) per hour of saturated steam in minutes. Sioux has manufactured the Steam-Flo steam generator since 1939. Thousands are in operation worldwide, providing years of trouble-free service.

  • The Steam-Flo steam generator provides continuous, unlimited steam.
  • Easy to maintain and built to last.
  • Mountings include portable, stationary, or over-the-road trailer.
  • The unit can be outfitted with an optional water tank and generator for completely self-contained operation.
  • Because of its portability, the Steam-Flo steam generator is excellent for use in overflow production and outlying area.
  • Steam-Flo steam generators are often used in commercial greenhouses, nurseries and industrial applications including heating steam jackets, thawing pipes and valves, curing concrete, and heating sand and aggregate.
  • Waste Oil steam generators are available
  • The vessel is registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, meets requirements of CSD-1 of the ASME Code, and is built to Section IV of the ASME code.
  • Siouxs LowNox Steam-Flo steam generator meets Californias South Coast Air Quality standards!
  • Third party approved to UL508A and CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 14-10, ensuring that the entire control panel assembly meets the UL and CSA standards.
  • Steam-Flo Steam Generators Specification

    Model SF-11 SF-20 SF-25 Waste-Oil
    Fuel Oil, LP, Natural Gas Oil LP or Natural Gas Waste Oil, Oil
    Boiler Horsepower 11.1 BHP (8.3 KW) 20.0 BHP (15 KW) 25.5 BHP (19 KW) 10 BHP (7.5 KW)
    Steam Output 385 Lbs/Hr
    (175 Kg/Hr)
    690 Lbs/Hr
    (313 Kg/Hr)
    880 Lbs/Hr
    (400 Kg/Hr)
    345 Lbs/Hr
    (157 Kg/Hr)
    Firing Rate (#2 Fuel Oil) 3.05 GPH (11.5 LPH) 5.65 GPH (21.4 LPH) N/A 2.9 GPH (10.9 LPH)
    Firing Rate (LP Gas, GPH) 4.66 GPH (17.6 LPH) N/A 11 GPH (41.6 LPH) N/A
    Firing Rate (Natural Gas, CFH) 427 CFH
    (12.1 m3 Hr)
    N/A 1,010 CFH
    (28.6 m3 Hr)
    Input BTU/Hour 427,000 (125 KW) 791,000 (232 KW) 1,010,000 (296 KW) 400,000 (117 KW)
    Max. Rated Steam Working Pressure 15 PSI (1.04 BAR) 15 PSI (1.04 BAR) 15 PSI (1.04 BAR) 15 PSI (1.04 BAR)
    Typical Operating Steam Working Pressure 5-10 PSI
    (0.35-0.69 BAR)
    5-10 PSI
    (0.35-0.69 BAR)
    5-10 PSI
    (0.35-0.69 BAR)
    5-10 PSI
    (0.35-0.69 BAR)
    Max. Temperature 250F (121C) 250F (121C) 250F (121C) 250F (121C)
    Heating Tube Surface Area 65 Ft2 (6.04 m2) 118 Ft2 (11 m2) 118 Ft2 (11 m2) 118 Ft2 (11 m2)
    Boiler Volume (Approx.) 55 Gallons
    (208 Liters)
    135 Gallons
    (511 Liters)
    135 Gallons
    (511 Liters)
    135 Gallons
    (511 Liters)
    Oil Fuel Tank Capacity (Optional) 36 Gallons
    (136 Liters)
    65 Gallons
    (246 Liters)
    N/A N/A
    Ef ciency (Approx.) 86% 85% 83% 86%
    Operating Current (Amps) 3 Amps (Oil)
    4 Amps (Gas)
    3 Amps 4 Amps 8 Amps
    Machine Dimensions (Approx.) 60L x 40W x 51H 70L x 51W x 61H 85L x 51W x 61H 70L x 51W x 61H
    (152x102x130 cm) (178x129.5x155 cm) (216x129.5x155 cm) (178x129.5x155 cm)
    Shipping Dimensions (Approx.) 85L x 54W x 60H 76L x 58W x 72H 94L x 58W x 72H 76L x 58W x 72H
    (216x137x152 cm) (193x147x183 cm) (238.8x147x183 cm) (193x147x183 cm)
    Machine Weight, Dry (Approx.) 900 Lbs (408 Kg) 1,200 Lbs (544 Kg) 1,200 Lbs (544 Kg) 1,200 Lbs (544 Kg)
    Shipping Weight (Approx.) 1,220 Lbs (554 Kg) 1,820 Lbs (825 Kg) 1,910 Lbs (866 Kg) 1,910 Lbs (866 Kg)