Walters SteamGuns

Sioux Corporation purchased the entire Walters SteamGun™ line in August 2007, and is the sole manufacturer of these high-quality steam guns. Contact Sioux for your steam gun needs. Quality, testing, and specifications are identical or higher, and we stock most models for immediate shipment.

Walters SteamGuns handle the heat and don't lose pressure. We believe they're the finest steam and pressure wash guns on the market...Check out these six unique features and see if you agree.

Power – Walters Steam Guns are built for the toughest cleaning situations. Our proprietary stainless steel valve easily handles 450°F (232.2°C) super-heatedwater temperatures blasting through at 12gallons per minute (45.4 LPM).The unique EasyFlow ™ construction means our guns can take 1,500 PSI (103.4 BAR) of pressure…with virtually zero loss…for maximum cleaning power.

Durability – The barrel is constructed of schedule 80 steel pipe, with approximately 1/8" (.3175cm) thick walls. That's twice the thickness and 8 times the strength of the other gun barrels on the market, which are usually only schedule 10 pipe. The CoolGrip ™ front handle is spring mounted. The EasyFlow stainless swivel tubing and the adjustable swivel packing don't leak; they have a large inside diameter and clear flow path to resist clogging. The valve body is stainless steel to resist corrosion and the handle is zinc plated to resist rust.

Ease of Use - 360° live swivels let operators stop fighting the hose and easily get the nozzle into tight spots where they need the steam to go. Because the gun is well-balanced it feels light and floats in your hands. It's easy to use all day long. The EasySqueeze ™ cushioned safety valve takes no more effort than the spray nozzle on a garden hose…even under a pressure of 1,500 PSI (103.4 BAR).

Safety – Walters guns are designed with operator safety in mind. The CoolGrip front handle dissipates heat effectively through its innovative mounting springs and vented construction. The handle perforations also make it easy to grasp and slip resistant. High pressure spray is always under operator control, due to the specially designed auto-shut off safety valve. One or two swivels provides positive gun control at all times, no matter how awkward the job.

Value – Walters Steam Guns are a great value because they are so durable and each component is replaceable. There are guns in the field that have been working without fail for over 10 years. In addition, each gun can be easily configured with different nozzle and orifice options to suit a variety of applications.

Options – We offer eight different gun configurations plus seven different orifices and three different nozzles, so you can choose exactly the right gun for your application. We also offer steamgun hose reel packages for use with boiler systems or in-plant steam lines.