SLEIPNER Transport System


The limited mobility of crawler excavators and the wear of the undercarriage and the consequent maintenance costs are challenges to which the Sleipner transport system offers a reliable, simple solution. In the Sleipner system one end of the excavator's crawlers is driven up onto a pair of Sleipners, the bucket is placed in the dump body and the other end of the crawlers is raised off the ground using the bucket and the boom. Now the excavator is on wheels and the combination of truck and excavator is ready to move off.


Effective machine hours

The faster speed of relocation means increased loading capacity, since effective work hours are not consumed by laborious, slow movement (2-3 km/h) on crawlers from one loading site to another. Transporting an excavator with the Sleipners is around 4-5 times faster (10-15 km/h) than the machine's normal crawling speed, thereby reducing the relocation time by approximately 80%. Depending on the work site, the time saved in moving an excavator works out at about 100-250 hours of extra capacity per machine per year.