After Market Support

Demanding working conditions by Mining & construction customers with their high needs to ensure the continuous production required a high after market support. Our company has realized from the beginning how important the after market support in this business. Handled by qualified & trained people both service & parts support with their personal attachment to meet customer requirement.   

Parts Support


Marton spare parts services have been designed to keep downtime at a minimum. Support starts prior to delivery and continues throughout the equipment's service life. Marton local spare parts support in Jakarta and Samarinda are tuned to your needs. You are backed by Marton's unique logistics, communications and reliable forwarder like DHL to ensure fast delivery of genuine parts to the end users.

Performance through quality

Marton equipment and parts are designed and manufactured to increase your profitability. High-quality spare parts and timely service support ensure that equipment productivity continues throughout the unit's service life.

Genuine spare parts supplied together with preventive maintenance, keep machine breakdowns at a minimum. Continuous feedback and on-going equipment development ensure that the design and technology of Marton equipment match your changing needs.


Our service goal is to keep the optimum machine utilization. Besides the standard training for operator & maintenance during commissioning of the unit, advance & continues training were given to the end user according to the needs in order to transfer the knowledge. Worksite regular visits from our service team & principal, provide assistance and recommendation in service. We also provided maintenance contract as follow:

Periodic Maintenance Contract

Preventive periodic maintenance ensures the equipment is producing according to the production schedule and any downtime is minimized.

Marton personnel make scheduled site visits based on the equipment's usage. They perform the periodic maintenance according to recommendations and the instruction given in the equipment service manuals. The equipment systems are adjusted to match the local needs.

Marton supplies the service parts required for each scheduled visit. The charges are fixed regardless of actual labour hours. A detailed report and recommendations are left with the customer.

Supervision Contract

A supervision contract ensures that the customer's hands-on personnel are properly trained and are performing exactly what is needed on the equipment.

Typically this would be for a project-type construction contract where Marton has experienced factory trained personnel working daily together with the customer's organization. The supervisors ensure that maintenance programs are set and followed and they also work hands-on for equipment servicing and breakdown repairs.